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>Justin Palmer asks,
>> Can anyone tell me what, if any, differences there are between
>> the original GM and the RGM-179 GM II? Looking at the stats, it seems
>> that the GM II has more thrust. Are there any other differences?
> Yep, but most of them are internal. Most importantly, the GM II has been
>refitted with a linear seat & panoramic display. Its armor materials have
>also been improved (it's not clear what the original material was, but it's
>now titanium-ceramic composite). In addition to the 10% thrust increase, its
>reactor output has also been boosted by about 20%, allowing the GM to use a
>beam rifle. Oh, and there's that chest camera widget. :-)

        Thanks for that. I guess the chest camera is the little
"shoulder light"? I presume that was installed to aid the linear seat
        Having re-examined pictures of the MG GM with the GMII pics I've
got, I can now see where the differences are. I wonder if Bandai are
considering a model variant of it, as the only non-garage kit one
available seems to be fairly old...

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