Brett Jensen (
Tue, 15 Feb 2000 19:18:44 -0800

I Just saw the new longer commercial for GundamWing on Cartoon Network,
and much to my surprise I wasn't (too) repelled.

Let me just say that I am a huge GW fan. Despite the fact that I've been
heavily into Gundam for 10 years, Wing was the first Gundam series that
I bought all the LDs of!

Naturally, when I heard that they would be showing Wing on TV, I was
horrified. (Still am a bit) Visions of poorly concieved Euphemisms for
"I'll kill you" danced in my head. Perhaps my worst fear was that they'd
try to make it educational by adding a little moral at the end (like
they did with Sailor moon) Something like: "Heero Sez, Always remember
to kill any witnesses!" ^_^

Well, from what I can see from the commercial it doesn't look too bad.
The dialogue seemed fairly accurate, though the acting slightly sucked.
(it IS a dub afterall)

As far as violence goes; they didn't seem to be holding back much: they
showed Deathscythe cutting a Leo in half, and Lady Une kicking the guy
(can't remmember his name???) out of the back of a plane and shooting
him on the way down! (one of my favorite scenes from the show BTW)

It's kinda cool to see commercials for GW on US TV....I'll keep my
fingers crossed that it doesnt suck too bad.

Brett "Heero" Jensen

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