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Tue, 15 Feb 2000 16:36:31 -0800

>Eddie writes,
>> Same here. I pre-ordered mine with TokyoPop and have been hearing a lot
>> of complaints from other TP customers.
> I'll give them the benfit of the doubt - Mike Kiley's never let me down
>before, no matter how obscure the multimedia want object du jour. But my
>anticipation is killing me! :-)

They are in the process of moving their warehouse to Ohio, and it looks
like all shipments are put on hold until they finish moving.

> Nope. After poring over every available source - especially the novels,
>which are edited by the series director - I'm satisfied that they were both
>in the Space Attack Force, but that's all I can say for sure.

Incredible how Gato seemed so at ease piloting an enemy suit, in earth
gravity to boot. And we thought he spent the 3 years after the war
just dating lunar chicks.

> The MSV Collection File notes that, because the activities of the Duchy's
>marines were so scandalous, the postwar Zeon Republic considered them taboo
>and tried to wipe out every record of them. The Gelgoog Marine, because of
>its prominent role in Operation Stardust, is one of the only marines units
>to escape the records purge. But it's a safe bet there were others.

More after-the-facts creative rationalization...

> Actually, Walfisch's Zaku page has one example of another marines mobile
>suit - a High Mobility Zaku II variant, sourced to Hobby Japan's Game Gyaza
>magazine. See <http://www.linkclub.or.jp/~banri/ms-date3/ms-06r-1m.html>...
> What else could we come up with? Marines marine mobile suits? Cima's
>Zugok? The Assault Dowadge? Yep, lotsa kitbash possibilities...

Just opened a huge can of worms! But wasn't the Dowadge from later?


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