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Eddie writes,

> Same here. I pre-ordered mine with TokyoPop and have been hearing a lot
> of complaints from other TP customers.

  I'll give them the benfit of the doubt - Mike Kiley's never let me down
before, no matter how obscure the multimedia want object du jour. But my
anticipation is killing me! :-)

> Hmm, not impossible. Are there any printed reference that mentions their
> prior history at all?

  Nope. After poring over every available source - especially the novels,
which are edited by the series director - I'm satisfied that they were both
in the Space Attack Force, but that's all I can say for sure.

> I wonder what kind of suits her men were given... Zaku Marine?! Gouf Marine?
> Kitbash ideas...

  The MSV Collection File notes that, because the activities of the Duchy's
marines were so scandalous, the postwar Zeon Republic considered them taboo
and tried to wipe out every record of them. The Gelgoog Marine, because of
its prominent role in Operation Stardust, is one of the only marines units
to escape the records purge. But it's a safe bet there were others.

  Actually, Walfisch's Zaku page has one example of another marines mobile
suit - a High Mobility Zaku II variant, sourced to Hobby Japan's Game Gyaza
magazine. See <>...

  What else could we come up with? Marines marine mobile suits? Cima's
Zugok? The Assault Dowadge? Yep, lotsa kitbash possibilities...

-- Mark

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