Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 15 Feb 2000 15:28:06 -0800

>The game time is somewhat shortened but then players
>have to realized that they are not playing for just
>one part. A lot can happen for a 200T game.
>Still I read some people managed to beat part one in
>about 20~30 rounds (add 10 to the Zeon disk) so I
>guess being aggressive (and sometimes cheap <- as in
>not using cheat codes but exploiting some enemy AI
>flaws) pays, sometimes.

Oh? What might some of these AI flaws be?

>Oh well, guess I will learn to like GunTanks as three
>stacked Guntank/GunCannon units can blown away pretty
>much all ZakuII/Gouf stacks.

Too bad you can't use some cheap Zaku Is to distract them
and flank the GunTanks from the rear with Goufs.

>One thing...not that I confirmed it in anyway (or
>anytime soon) but in order to play as AEUG, Titans and
>the like you have to DESTROY that faction in part two,
>not activate them or join force with them. E.g., in
>part two when you play as the Fed you have the option
>to legitimatize either AEUG or Titans. If you want to
>play as AEUG, ally with Titans and turn those
>spacenoids into NT ghosts...
>Challenging is good.

Interesting... wonder what would it be like if they throw in an
online multiplayer feature... too bad this game wasn't made for
the Dreamcast.


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