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Tue, 15 Feb 2000 15:16:35 -0800

>Weep... still waiting for my copy... 8-(

Same here. I pre-ordered mine with TokyoPop and have been hearing a lot
of complaints from other TP customers.

> True. While both Gato and Delaz were supposedly in Dozul's Space Attack
>Force, they weren't supposed to have served together. (Though now that I
>think about it, it's possible that Gato might have been stationed aboard
>Delaz's ship earlier in the war, and subsequently transferred to the
>newly-constructed Doroa...)

Hmm, not impossible. Are there any printed reference that mentions their
prior history at all?

> In general, the interpolations in Giren's Greed are very clever and
>credible. For example, the notion that Cima was assigned to the Earth Attack
>Force during the initial Earth invasion is actually pretty reasonable. Since
>she and her men worked for Kishiria, and since they did dirty tricks like
>colony gassing during the opening weeks, they were presumably assigned to
>the 1st Mobile Infantry Division (which did all the dangerous chores and
>dirty work). This division subsequently became the Earth Attack Force.
> As per the new MSV Collection File, Cima's role as a "marine" means that
>she operates both in space and on the ground - hence her use of an
>aerospace-capable Zanzibar-class ship. Thus, she could have remained with
>the 1st Mobile Infantry Division when it became the Earth invasion
>taskforce, then moved to a role that involved operating both on Earth and in

I wonder what kind of suits her men were given... Zaku Marine?! Gouf Marine?
Kitbash ideas...


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