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I think it's pretty decent. The units themselves move a bit faster than I
remember on the map, you can turn off the battles at will(I think you could
do that in the Saturn version as well) and the menus have been streamlined
so that you don't have to spend as much time trying to pick what units to
build and where to move them all.

Both G Generation and G Generation Zero had horrible load times..I fell
asleep a few times while playing the game actually :D

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> >Heh, the Original version of the game was a bitch to beat as well. I
> >I can handle a draw (which is what missing the limit is ) . Right now I'm
> >trying to keep my hands on Odessa...I don't care how many of you dislike
> >Guntanks, I would not like to see 18 of them coming at my way, even if
> >they're the weaker II types. The fact that I've just started turning my
> >ground army into Goufs sorta add to that as well .
> >
> >And you know, even the whole new system of even the non-important areas
> >being sections into battles, Its a lot harder to take over the other
> >drat.
> >
> >WooJin Lee woojin@rpgfan.com
> How's the loading time on the PS version? It was a bit annoying for the
> Saturn version, but nowhere as bad as G Generation IIRC.
> Eddie
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