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Weep... still waiting for my copy... 8-(

> One thing that kind of bugs me is how Gato appears
> to be a faithful servant of Delaz in this game.
> From the opening of 0083, I thought it was kind of
> obvious that he belonged to a different unit (evident
> from Delaz informing Gato that his mothership was
> sunk) and did not owe his life to Delaz until the
> event depicted at the prologue to 0083.

  True. While both Gato and Delaz were supposedly in Dozul's Space Attack
Force, they weren't supposed to have served together. (Though now that I
think about it, it's possible that Gato might have been stationed aboard
Delaz's ship earlier in the war, and subsequently transferred to the
newly-constructed Doroa...)

  In general, the interpolations in Giren's Greed are very clever and
credible. For example, the notion that Cima was assigned to the Earth Attack
Force during the initial Earth invasion is actually pretty reasonable. Since
she and her men worked for Kishiria, and since they did dirty tricks like
colony gassing during the opening weeks, they were presumably assigned to
the 1st Mobile Infantry Division (which did all the dangerous chores and
dirty work). This division subsequently became the Earth Attack Force.

  As per the new MSV Collection File, Cima's role as a "marine" means that
she operates both in space and on the ground - hence her use of an
aerospace-capable Zanzibar-class ship. Thus, she could have remained with
the 1st Mobile Infantry Division when it became the Earth invasion
taskforce, then moved to a role that involved operating both on Earth and in

-- Mark

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