Peter Cheng (
Tue, 15 Feb 2000 14:22:43 -0800 (PST)

> Could it be one of those alternate scenarios, or was
> it
> fixed to the standard profile of the 78-1?
It's with 78-1 profile description. Depends on how
you interpret the word "official", you can consider
this as Bandai's "official" take. Just as all those
"official" stat./desc. come with HG/MG/PG (no PG kit
over here btw) kits.

> Actually I was playing Zeon (after all, Feds don't
> need
> to steal Gundams) and stole their... hmm, don't
> remember,
> but it was either the Alex or the G3. That darn
> thing
> did not last enough against a horde of GMs. This is
> based
> on the Saturn version.
I've cleared as Zeon and Feddie and halfway with
Char's NeoZeon. G3 and Alex won't last w/o support...

> I guess it didn't last long enough in the anime to
> show
> its shortcomings. :P
And Dozul wanted to mass produced that thingie...
Oh btw, for PS version that's no quantity limit for
individual unit type. So you can have hordes of TheO
trashing everything. Or perhaps getting dozens of
GP02D doing what they meant to do...

> One thing that kind of bugs me is how Gato appears
> to be a faithful servant of Delaz in this game.
> From the opening of 0083, I thought it was kind of
> obvious that he belonged to a different unit
> (evident
> from Delaz informing Gato that his mothership was
> sunk) and did not owe his life to Delaz until the
> event depicted at the prologue to 0083.
...and as the game starts Gato and Delaz stay happy
merry as one squad @ Solomon (before the first drop
operation). Well, another thought provoking

Nice chat.

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