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Tue, 15 Feb 2000 14:10:05 -0800

>Not mine... Funny thing, I tried to get NCSX to
>import me one initially but days after, I have their
>reply telling me that they "unfortunately" imported
>the "asian" version (usually in B/W manual printing
>and perhaps with in english).

D'oh! Bet those don't come with anything special.

>Hmm...unlikely though I see that's one way to
>interpret it... Will check the exact wordings tonight
>but if the first prototype is indeed being one of
>those target practices @ Side7 test site, I don't see
>how the staff could choose not to mention that scene.
>Or perhaps that's their deliberate attempt not to be

Could it be one of those alternate scenarios, or was it
fixed to the standard profile of the 78-1?

>Funny thing(1). Actually that's not the case for
>me...when I put a maxed out Amuro into GP01Fb, he
>survived Granada and Side3 offensive W/O ONE scratch
>(please let me know if things happened differently on
>your side): he always managed to use shield block to
>deflect those close calls (GP01Fb WAS attacking btw).

Actually I was playing Zeon (after all, Feds don't need
to steal Gundams) and stole their... hmm, don't remember,
but it was either the Alex or the G3. That darn thing
did not last enough against a horde of GMs. This is based
on the Saturn version.

>Oh well, a levelB >Oh well, a levelB Char@Quebeley almost did the same, I
>guess we need a high level NT pilot that's all.
>Funny thing(2). When I played as the Feddie (SS
>version), I managed to steal the BigZam plan. Imagine
>my thrill... Then I realized it sucked:


>with the
>unit's movement and energy requirement for each attack
>it's only role is to guard strategic point where it
>can resupply constantly. Image my disappointment...

I guess it didn't last long enough in the anime to show
its shortcomings. :P

>Oh well, I won't complain if I can steal the same MA
>plan in the PS version, better yet, the "Zabi
>Final note, espionage level for the PS level will
>determine the outcome of many events so be warned.

One thing that kind of bugs me is how Gato appears
to be a faithful servant of Delaz in this game.
From the opening of 0083, I thought it was kind of
obvious that he belonged to a different unit (evident
from Delaz informing Gato that his mothership was
sunk) and did not owe his life to Delaz until the
event depicted at the prologue to 0083.


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