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Eddie writes,

>> - According to the profile mode, the prototype RX-78-1
>> is destroyed by infiltrating Zeon spies. I used to
>> think the Fed upgrade RX-78-1 to RX-78-2 and got
>> trashed at Side7.
> My impression was that the RX-78-1 was trashed during
> the Side 7 attack, without being upgraded. Did they say
> the RX-78-1 was destroyed at another location? Maybe
> the "Zeon spies" refer to the Zakus Amuro dealt with.

  Ah, the tangled genealogy of the RX-78. The party line on this has changed
over time...

Back in the MSV days, there were supposed to be a total of eight RX-78
units. These were originally built at Jaburo as the RX-78-1 "Prototype
Gundam" version. Three of these were transported to Luna Two for further
upgrades - various sources describe these modifications as a reactor upgrade
(to power the beam rifle) and/or Luna Titanium armor (on the theory that it
can only be produced in microgravity).

  These three upgraded RX-78-2 units were then taken to Side 7 for testing.
While Amuro's remained on the White Base, the other two were badly damaged
in the Zeon raid and dropped off at Luna Two, where they were reconstructed
as the G-3 test unit. (Classically, the G-3 Gundam was still an RX-78-2

  By this theory, the other five units that remained at Jaburo were all
RX-78-1 units. They served as models for the GM, and testbeds for the Full
Armor Type (note the gray-and-black parts beneath the Full Armor's add-on
armor layers).

These days, most sources are operating on the theory that there were three
RX-78 units, plus the Alex (which came along later). The first unit was the
RX-78-1 version, and the other two were both RX-78-2 versions. The first and
third units are damaged in the Zeon raid and dropped off at Luna Two, where
the RX-78-1 parts are used to repair the third unit. This rebuilt third unit
undergoes further modifications, and its model number is bumped up to

There are also various hybrid theories, with various claims regarding the
presence of RX-78-1 units at Side 7, when and where they were upgraded,
whether the various Gundams were built at Jaburo, Side 7, or Luna Two, the
total number of Gundams built, et cetera ad nauseum...

-- Mark

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