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CPerry writes,

> 1) I've picked up from context that the Jupitoris Fleet is traveling
> back and forth from Jupiter and it's surrounds to gather Hellium. Is
> this true?

  Yep, that's correct.

> 2) I've also picked up from context that the hellium is used as (at
> least part of) MS/MA fuel. Is this true also?

  In a sense. It serves as fuel for the fusion reactors used in the Gundam
world - these reactors combine a light isotope of helium and a heavy isotope
of hydrogen (helium-3 and deuterium, respectively) to produce regular helium
and hydrogen atoms.

  For propulsion, most Gundam world vehicles use thermonuclear rockets,
which spray superheated propellant to provide thrust. This propellant can be
almost any substance, though hydrogen, helium, and water are the best
candidates in terms of fuel efficiency.

> If these assumptions on my part are correct - Well, when the side was
> droped on the "grainbelt of the Federation (Midwest US, Southern
> Canada)" could a goal of doing so have been to wipe out the only
> terrestial source of Hellium, which is in the state of Kansas? I'd do
> it as a primary target. But that being harder to explain on screen, it
> became "starving the Feds"?

  The motive for dropping a colony on North America was never explained on
screen, period. So there was particular no reason for favoring one belated
explanation over another. ;-)

  At any rate, since the key ingredient is helium-3 - a very rare isotope of
this already-rare substance - it's unlikely that there's enough of it even
in our much-vaunted national helium reserve to make much difference. The
moon's soil is generally considered to be the best local source of helium-3,
so a direct attack on either the moon or the Jupiter energy fleet would make
more strategic sense than whacking Kansas.

-- Mark

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