Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 15 Feb 2000 13:19:58 -0800

>You are right. Spent my first hour wowing at the
>MS/MA list on the Zeon disk while I made the bold
>assumption that those planes and tanks on the Fed side
>can do no better than 100%. I was wrong.
>Don't worry, lots of people have taken their
>plunge...as I read from some Japanese BBSes, it's
>tough to get the game during the first few days since
>its release. Heard that the title is doing pretty
>well in the import market as well.

You guys obviously got the first pressing edition. Does
it come with any bonus/gift?

>- According to the profile mode, the prototype RX-78-1
>is destroyed by infiltrating Zeon spies. I used to
>think the Fed upgrade RX-78-1 to RX-78-2 and got
>trashed at Side7.

My impression was that the RX-78-1 was trashed during
the Side 7 attack, without being upgraded. Did they say
the RX-78-1 was destroyed at another location? Maybe
the "Zeon spies" refer to the Zakus Amuro dealt with.

><PS GGreed spoilers follow...>
>- Dozul is right...one MS can't turn the tides...

Knew that from the Saturn days. If you play Zeon, don't waste money
on espionage activities trying to steal a Gundam. It won't last long
enough at the frontlines.


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