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>Unlike the Bandai Candy Toys which are basically mini-kitsets with a
>couple of pieces of gum in them, the Morinaga ones are mini-kitsets that
>happened to be included with the choco snacks.
>As you may have gathered there are 12 MS in the first series and even a
>dedicated collector has yet to complete the set. Who knows how many of
>these things he had to buy to get the 9 different MS that he currently
>has in his collection.

Evil... Eeeeeevil! Instead of marking the boxes so you know what you're
getting (as the more recent ones are), they went back to the old school
"hidden surprise" packaging? And they now mold them all in this dull grey

>Your best bet on finding these in the US would be to look for
>shops/supermarkets that specialise in Japanese junk food. They may not
>have the Gundam ones but they are sure to have the Morinaga choco
>snacks, and if so they probably could get you some , especially if you
>order in bulk!

I've talked to all the supermarket managers in the area since last year.
They either have no idea or don't do special orders. :( Since these items
are seasonal, if you miss it, you miss it forever unless they reissue it.
Since the pictures appeared in the August 1999 issue of Hobby Japan, the
prospects of finding them now does not look too good...


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