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Richard Holman wrote:

> and the Gelgoog has so far eluded this poor collector but he
> is working/eating a lot and is confident that he will have
> them all soon!
> These look, cool, but are they still packed with the candy??
> The problem being, it might be nigh impossible to find an
> online source to order them if they have perishables in
> them. Still, are there any online sources?? How about stores
> that would ship some to a US address?? People who would for
> a finders fee?? Or aftermarket sets, anything, these look
> like cool game size pieces, and some of us Americans would
> love to score a set, or five. =)
> Thanks for any info you might have!

Unlike the Bandai Candy Toys which are basically mini-kitsets with a
couple of pieces of gum in them, the Morinaga ones are mini-kitsets that
happened to be included with the choco snacks.

As you may have gathered there are 12 MS in the first series and even a
dedicated collector has yet to complete the set. Who knows how many of
these things he had to buy to get the 9 different MS that he currently
has in his collection.

Your best bet on finding these in the US would be to look for
shops/supermarkets that specialise in Japanese junk food. They may not
have the Gundam ones but they are sure to have the Morinaga choco
snacks, and if so they probably could get you some , especially if you
order in bulk!

I remember seeing a CNN report by the amusing Jeanne Moos about a
club/group/society in America dedicated to eating Japanese junk food! I
think these people import and distribute Japanese junk food among theeir
members. They probably have a website or maybe even an online store...

I doubt very much if you would find these in anime/figure/toy/kit stores
with the choco snacks included.

Since these Morinaga choco snacks are commonly found in Japanese
supermarkets and such, if you know someone going to Japan or someone in
Japan perhaps they could get you some. But trying to get the set or even
5 different ones will require tremendous amount of luck and/or a whole
lot of money spent. But I suppose you could consider it an investment
and sell everything else and recoup or make a profit, not to mention the
health benefits. : )

I'm not sure about rip-off versions or ones sourced 'illegally' through
Morinaga or the factory that builds these things...but you would
probably end up paying a whole lot more.


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