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Sean O'Mara wrote:
> Warhammer 40k Space Marines to Hello Kitty Marines, using the heads from Hello
> Kitty erasers. I guess it's that SD cute factor.

That is a little disturbing! Of course you can have Sailor Moon vs.
Deathscathe Hell, or Pikachu vs. 3rd Angel, my word!

> A lot of games use the direction of the game piece in the rules, so

I think that would make sense for ships, while MS can shoot/move in all
directions to emphasize the diff in mobility.

> buncha 1/144 scale models laying around). But I think a large Mobile
> Suit battle, taking place on the floor of a living room would be very
> cool.

For sure, but that's getting to be like train set size. the table will b
1.5 m long, getting hard to move the pieces with my short arms. I will
have a oriental mentality (from centuries of living in cramped space),
small is beautiful.

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