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Tomonaga wrote:
> > Catapult sheet? What about the longbows and horses?
> It's 'catapult' as in the device used to launch MS/aircraft off ships. Only
> ...
> the catapult has to be joining the HQ sheet and that all MS must initially
> launch from the HQ through the catapult one by one ?

Ahh, makes sense... Perhaps determines the orientation of the units too.

> figure(including hex?) is sold in capsules from a vending machine at random.
> So people who are planning to play this game properly would all end up having
> multiple copies of the same figures in order to get all the available MS. So

That's why there's an aftermarket in HK to deal with all the excess GM's
and Balls and to redistribute the rare figures from the lucky kids to the
rich kids. It's exactly like the baseball cards (or rubby or cricket
cards :) in the West.

> comes you go away and come back another time hoping that it is closer
> to the opening but almost always it's gone or out of sight...

Oh yeah I remember that. I am thankful that these vending machines aren't
really common here. Even as an adult I could easily drop too much money
in these monsters.

> If it's the challenge of a simple gameplay versus a human opponent
> that you are after, and not actually playing with figures, then you

Hmm... I guess I like both, I could get hooked on playing these things
over the net I suppose (wonder how hard it will be to write a GunSim game
as a ICQ plugin or in Javascript). But there's a certain satisfaction in
seeing a formation with physical pieces. That's why I play a lot more
real chess than net chess.

> can always play the versus mode in the PSX SD G Generation games. You

Heh, I don't even know what kind of game GGen or GGen Zero is :P It's a
turn-based strategy game right? (See I don't have a console game sys)
But from what I know, it looks like fun.

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