Tue, 15 Feb 2000 11:25:47 EST

I've been chewing over the connections between the existance/reason of the
Jupitoris Fleet and the object drops during OYW and CCA.

A few questions first -

1) I've picked up from context that the Jupitoris Fleet is traveling back and
forth from
   Jupiter and it's surrounds to gather Hellium.
   Is this true?

2) I've also picked up from context that the hellium is used as (atleast part
   MS/MA fuel.
   Is this true also?

   If these assumptions on my part are correct -
   Well, when the side was droped on the "grainbelt of the Federation
(Midwest US, Southern Canada)" could a goal of doing so have been to wipe
out the only terrestial source of Hellium, which is in the state of Kansas?
   I'd do it as a primary target.
   But that being harder to explain on screen, it became "starving the Feds"?

Thanks for your input.

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