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Tue, 15 Feb 2000 07:59:51 -0800 (PST)

You are right. Spent my first hour wowing at the
MS/MA list on the Zeon disk while I made the bold
assumption that those planes and tanks on the Fed side
can do no better than 100%. I was wrong.

Don't worry, lots of people have taken their I read from some Japanese BBSes, it's
tough to get the game during the first few days since
its release. Heard that the title is doing pretty
well in the import market as well.

For James, I can translate the commands and the
sub-commands but that's as far as I can go. With the
added "diplomacy" command and dozens of event to
branch out to different paths, the game is getting
pretty text heavy.

Gone berserk (i.e. lack sleep while keeping the cheat
codes on) and reached turn20 (Fed disk) or so last
night just to get a feel of the game before fully
committing myself (and no cheating this time). Some

- According to the profile mode, the prototype RX-78-1
is destroyed by infiltrating Zeon spies. I used to
think the Fed upgrade RX-78-1 to RX-78-2 and got
trashed at Side7.

<PS GGreed spoilers follow...>

- Dozul is MS can't turn the tides...
Actually, it's more like...getting a non-NT pilot
(e.g., Yu) to pilot some top units (e.g., Zeta) may
not survive waves after waves of ZakuIIJ onslaught.
Char@Quebeley fared much better though.
- TheO is "psycom equipped" (just an "ability" in the
MS stat sheet, and I might have the wordings wrong)?
What about Zeta (both are bio-sensor equipped)??
- MSN-00100 will get its mega particle
launcher/bazooka (as a separate development plan).
Not so sure about Zeta's though...
- Nuking with GP02A wasn't that much fun (referring to
the damage). And the neutral sides/cities don't like
the act it seems...
- Other than "transform" we now have "combine" and
"separate" under the unit "special" command. Perhaps
PS GGreed is the first game to feature the "G-Bull".
- Field battles are now a lot more like zone battles
(for strategic base), as they share the same primary
objective i.e. to capture the area. Both maps (earth
sphere and side map) are divided into areas.
- For diplomacy, good diplomatic tides with neutral
sides/cites/JupitorEnergyFleet will net you more
"trade income" (for capital) and "trade produce" (for
resource). Not to mention that the "diplomacy"
command will set flags to activate many events e.g.,
will the 4th unit of GDP go as GP04 or AGX04? I
haven't figured out what's the effect of "being
supplied with military technology" (hmm...the tech
meters haven't changed...perhaps it's for the tech
meter for enemy technology) upon "request assistance"
- As WooJin has pointed out...the max no. of units
remains as 200. At least the notorious and horrifying
"unit max black hole" is gone...the units beyond
no.200 will remain at the factory slot instead of just
disappearing (as seen in SS GGreed...the horror!)...

So much for now. Good day/night.

--- WooJin <> wrote:
> Actually, the typical limit is aruond the 150-170%
> mark
> as for the rest, yeah you're right. I didn't want
> to mention them since my
> main point was for previous owners to take the
> plunge like I did :)
> You also forgot to note that the game is shorter.
> If memory doesn't fail
> me, the original gave you 150 turns to beat the
> game, while it's only a 100
> In the PSX version. I'm at turn 38 and I about to
> attack Peking..with only
> Australia, England, and Jaburo left on earth so I
> guess I'm making pretty
> good progress.
> There is also a bribing function for all the neutral
> factions in the game,
> like Side 6, but I'm not sure how it effects the
> game yet much. And the
> fact that the unit limit is at 200 still ticks me
> off :)
> WooJin Lee
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> > ...and to add a few things (since I sneaked back
> from
> > work to "taste" it a tad...)
> >
> > - add to part2 power lineup is Scirocco's Titans.
> > - Now the computer AI is much more aggressive and
> is
> > more than eager to start "guerilla/zone battle".
> > - Placing pilots on mass produced units won't drop
> the
> > unit number to one (i.e. now it stay with three).
> > - Added "limit" parameter to MS stat. According
> to
> > the manual, it's the measurement of how far
> certain
> > pilots can exceed the initial unit performance.
> Zeta
> > has an amazing 250% (bio-sensor?) while the rest I
> > guess have 100%.
> > - one personal comment...I guess the staff like
> Mk2 a
> > tad too it's included in Feddie's disk
> > animated OP as well as Zion's disk CG demo.
> > - The game now plays a lot more like Koei
> "historic"
> > war simulation...
> >
> > Nice chat.
> >
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