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Edward Ju wrote:

> >Speaking of Morinaga Choko Snacks, GUNDAM AGE (ISBN4-89691-379-5, 1200yen,
> >Yosensha) covered the said Gundam mini figure series presented by Morinaga
> >in early 80's in page 8-9(color photos), 142-144(interview with Kouichi
> >Fujimaki, the planning manager of Morinaga at that time, and the man who
> >was behind the very series), and 145(all check-list of Gundam minis included
> >in Morinaga Choko Snack and Caramel series, from 1982 to 1987!). It has many
> >good articles and photos about the vintage 1YW mobile suits and various
> >merchandise of original Gundam, too.
> Check out p60 of the Aug 99 issue of Hobby Japan, they have a picture of
> the reissued ones. I am not sure if they will be releasing more than
> just these 12, apparently 102 such micro models were issued in the 14 years
> since the first ones appeared in 1981.

I found some more information and pictures of most of the 12 MS released in 1999.

They are officially called 'Mobile Suit Select' and they cost 150yen each and it
looks like they are going to re-release a whole lot more!

 Packaging pic - Mobile Suit Select
 The first 12 MS re-released

The Zaku II, the Gouf and the Gelgoog has so far eluded this poor collector but he
is working/eating a lot and is confident that he will have them all soon!


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