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Actually, the typical limit is aruond the 150-170% mark
as for the rest, yeah you're right. I didn't want to mention them since my
main point was for previous owners to take the plunge like I did :)

You also forgot to note that the game is shorter. If memory doesn't fail
me, the original gave you 150 turns to beat the game, while it's only a 100
In the PSX version. I'm at turn 38 and I about to attack Peking..with only
Australia, England, and Jaburo left on earth so I guess I'm making pretty
good progress.

There is also a bribing function for all the neutral factions in the game,
like Side 6, but I'm not sure how it effects the game yet much. And the
fact that the unit limit is at 200 still ticks me off :)

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> ...and to add a few things (since I sneaked back from
> work to "taste" it a tad...)
> - add to part2 power lineup is Scirocco's Titans.
> - Now the computer AI is much more aggressive and is
> more than eager to start "guerilla/zone battle".
> - Placing pilots on mass produced units won't drop the
> unit number to one (i.e. now it stay with three).
> - Added "limit" parameter to MS stat. According to
> the manual, it's the measurement of how far certain
> pilots can exceed the initial unit performance. Zeta
> has an amazing 250% (bio-sensor?) while the rest I
> guess have 100%.
> - one personal comment...I guess the staff like Mk2 a
> tad too much...as it's included in Feddie's disk
> animated OP as well as Zion's disk CG demo.
> - The game now plays a lot more like Koei "historic"
> war simulation...
> Nice chat.
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