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I know that there are some of you that already have the Saturn Version of
this excellent War game (like me)and is considering passing on this
one...DONT. They've added a ton of new stuff in this game.

One thing that you'd notice is as soon as you start is this:

Part 1:Giren's Greed.

Part 2 Is Blood of Zeon/Zeon's Legacy. This title makes sense since once
you get passed the first part, it allows you to play PAST the original scope
of the OYW completely, and you can continue the game to the end of Zeta
Gundam(Yep, you can build both Z Gundam and The O)

The Additional Factions listing for Part 2 is as follows:

Delaz Fleet

There are also a number of Alternate Original OYW Factions

There is the Neo Zeon Faction led by Char, The New Zeon led by a more mature
Garma Zabi(Now you know why one of the major questions in this game's
trailer asked "What If Garma lived?", yet another Zeon faction led by
Kishiria, as well as an alternate Titans faction that starts early(I think)

Of course...you have to beat the game first..which is still not that of an
easy task :)

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