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Out of the entire movie, there are about 20 minute worth of new animations
which is never seen in the OVAs before. As Eddie pointed out, Miller is not
from OVAs. So any scenes involving Miller is new footages. And there is
new footage for Shiro Amada's trial because on OVA's they show you how Shiro
and Aina is saying the exact same thing by phasing out Shiro's words to
Aina's words. But on the Movie, they only show Shiro saying the words not
Aina. Except that, the rest are kept same on that trial scene. And the
scene where Shiro is recieving the order from Kojima is also a new scene
because that scene was never in the movie. Kinda explains why Shiro was
thrown into such a dangerous mission on the later on episodes of the OVAs.
And finally, the last entire scene with Eledore coming back and Miller
firing her pistol and Shiro and all those good talking and Shiro yelling
"Hachi shoutai, shitsugeki!!" That is all the entire new scenes. Of
course, I just love the music at the end~~!!! Eien no Tobira~~~ ^^

Steiner Kye

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>> Hi, I justed watched the mini-movie 08 Team Miller's Report. Who can
>>tell me whether the movie is entirely new or made of recycled footage
>>from the OVAs?
>It's mostly recycled footage, but there are new ones too - after all,
>does not appear in the OVA at all. She's a character made for the movie
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