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> The above is a link to an MSIA RX-78 Gundam and two
> Zaku II's (Chars and the green one). They have
> stands, the Gundam has a fancy shield. Anyone that
> can read Japanese, is there anything else different
> about these. It looks like just a repaint to me.
> Wonder if they will improve the shoulder joints?

They are not even repaints. These trio of 'limited
editions' are the same as the first release, but they
are plastered with trendy decals designed by Tetsu
from Japanese 'Visual Rock' band L'Arc en Ciel. All 3
figures have the same decals and, as you've mentioned
for Gundam, more of it were applied to the shield.
They are supposed to be sold exclusively in Japan's
specialty shops. Will they land in other markets? I
don't know either. At 2,000 yen each, I still have 2nd
thought about it.

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