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> I'm from the Philippines. The Smoon series here are waaay reruns... few
> ago it was fine but it just got stuck back to the S series while it was
on the
> 10th episode on the SS...

Interesting. Could you tell us what else is on TV there?

> > > Like, Rurouni Kenshin, I know its been transformed for US audiences
> > how does
> > > it fare in there?
> > > >
> > Pokemon is the highest rated anime series in America. It is the highest
> > rated children's cartoon as well.
> Everybody's taking it FANATICALLY here too...

Wow! A real global franchise. Wonder if it will pass or will it really be a
worldwide icon? I don't think any pop culture item has hit the world so
> > Digimon is doing very well.
> What's a digimon?

Jumping on the Pokemon wagon.
> > Monster Rancher is doing okay in the ratings.
> >
> > Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z are doing very well on the Cartoon
> > Especially Dragon Ball Z. Ronin Warriors is doing so-so.
> >
> Any bad changes on DBZ? Up to what episodes is it now?

Dunno. I don't get the Cartoon Network, even though I try to keep up with
what they have on TV. I suppose that they are almost about to introduce
Trunks. I would guess they are at around episode 110 or more.
> So its true. The CCS series is going there... on what network? I've heard
> Sakura's name is going to ba changed to "Nikki"... doesn't suit her

Nelvana (Bob and Margaret, Babar) owns the broadcast rights to CCS. It's
said to be a show that is very much in demand, but no real home for it has
been announced yet. Nelvana has a working deal with CBS, so it might appear
there. On the other hand, there are many Fox shows that are produced by
Nelvana as well.

I'd guess that they may either consider CBS or syndication. Fox has a
tendency to drop shows without giving them a chance, and I doubt Nelvana
wants a property they've worked so hard on to be "dropped." I think
syndication is the best route (even though children's syndication seems to
have breathed its last hurrah when Pokemon joined the WB), as CBS is in a
slump--not many children watch the network so they can't make much money
from CCS merchandise. WB (Warner Brothers) was in a slump before Pokemon,
but the Pokemon property was already hot when they picked it up, so children
were drawn to the network that way. However, if you just stick a new show on
a poor network, it's likely not much a difference can be made in the

It is also rumoured that Nelvana plans to release CCS DVDs, dubbed,
subtitled and uncut later this year.

And you also know that Gundam Wing will be on the Cartoon Network soon.


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