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Hey everyone. Disturbing news concerning anime status in the US.

2-13-00---- Kenshin Revelations At Katsucon
Media Blasters has revealed at this weekend's Katsucon convention that
will produce no Subtitled VHS video-tapes of the Rurouni Kenshin TV
series due to the cost / sell factors involved. They plan to release
their Rurouni Kenshin DVD's (With subtitles) on the same day scheduled
with VHS-video releases. They hope to release 8 episodes per month.
is no present release date set and MB has just started production of
A.D.V. announced it's release of the The Rurouni Kenshin OAV series
will not see a same-day release the VHS video, subtitled and dubbed VHS

will have a same day release. The OAV's are scheduled to hit the U.S.
market this summer.

(ADV has some other good news too...)

At the Katsucon Anime convention, currently in progress this weekend in

Arlington, Virginia, A.D.V. Films has announced the formation of a new
release label, ADV Fansubs, created to allow the release of subtitled
video products at an accelerated pace and attractive price structure.
Releases under this label will be available through their website, mail

order services, and convention sales. The first two titles to be
under the ADV Fansubs label will be the City Hunter TV series and
Secret of Blue Water. Releases for both series will begin in March and
will continue at the rate of approximately one volume per month. Each
volume will contain four episodes and will be priced at $19.98.
ADV has also announced the acquisition of Martian Successor Nadesico
Movie: Prince of Darkness. Release of the film is slated to follow the
completion TV series video release.
Other recent acquisitions include Arc the Lad, Chivass (Shibasu 1, 2,
Power Stone, and Excel Saga.
Finally, ADV will be entering the Anime Music arena, with plans to
release soundtracks from a wide range of anime titles at the rate of
approximately four per month. Releases will consist of the pressing of
existing Japanese soundtracks, as well as soundtracks from ADV's
animation projects such as SiN. Most releases will be priced at $14.00
U.S. The first four releases from ADV Music will be: The Akira
Soundtrack, Macross II OST, Macross Plus OST, and Macross Plus OST 2,
with a release to be set soon.

I really think both of these companies are being quite annoying. Hope the
similar thing doesn't happen to any of the Gundam series in the future.

Steiner Kye

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>Robert Ludvig wrote:
>> Well, Rurouni Kenshin hasn't made it to TV yet (it probably won't) but I
>> know its being aired in Thailand I believe, dubbed in English. I have a
>> couple of clips on my computer of the dubbed version I got somewhere and
>> o boy does it STINK.....
>> >> > Like, Rurouni Kenshin, I know its been transformed for US audiences
>> >how does
>> > > it fare in there?
>People who dub the RK series in english really EXAGGERATE them.
>I once saw a advertising clip about it and oh man it hit me hard in the
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