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Hokay, I just bought the guntank for myself, and the comments are as follows:

1) the proportions are really old style in a sense...this baby is BIG. the
body is almost MG-size, and the it has that classic minimalist detail. It
actually reminds me of the G-armnor in terms of size and style.

2) the range of mobility on this thing is as expected, almost none...the
arms are marvels of construction, and the way the cannons can
slightly swing out is a plus, but that's about it....the waist mobility is
pretty minor.

3) The cockpit is pretty good, though. nice detail, all things considered.

4) the treads are made of polycap material, but do not turn. One gets
the distinct impression that they could have mede the treads workable, but
that they didn't because on as model kit it would have been a bit useless.
Unfortunately, it doesn't speak well of their construction.

5) the shoulder detail is an enlarged version of the Gunncannon's
shoulders. no surprise there.

        All in all, it is a satisfactory kit, but then, I still find that they
could have done much more.

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