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> Now that you've been talkin about good versus evil, can you give me some
> I know that the SMoon series are horrible there... but what about the
> anime that's aired in US Television?

Why? Where do you live? The SMoon series were hacked up a bit, but
essentially the idea wasn't changed too much. It IS a sentimental show with
definite "good" and "bad" forces anyway. The 2nd season was fairly well
done, though. At least when compared to previous anime releases.
> Like, Rurouni Kenshin, I know its been transformed for US audiences so
how does
> it fare in there?

It is not on TV. It will be released on video and DVD soon. I sure would
like it to be on TV, though. Sony is said to be still working on it. I doubt
they will succeed in getting a show that is so entrenched in Japanese
history on TV. Anything can happen, though.
> I might be wrong about it being played on TV... well at least can you
> what anime is currently playing on US television? I just wanna know the
> situation of anime on the USA.
Pokemon is the highest rated anime series in America. It is the highest
rated children's cartoon as well.

Digimon is doing very well.

Monster Rancher is doing okay in the ratings.

Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z are doing very well on the Cartoon Network.
Especially Dragon Ball Z. Ronin Warriors is doing so-so.

Card Captor Sakura will likely be on TV soon.


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