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David \"Jojo\" Wong wrote:

> On Sun, 13 Feb 2000 17:41:26 -0600, wrote:
> I heard that Bandai does have Zeta translated...but they haven't found the
> right time to release them yet. Could be true, could be not. I think the
> fact that some of these Gundam series are so old may be holding them back.
> Wouldn't it be funny if they released Turn A Gundam before Zeta in America?
> And then they would release the new Gundam show after Turn A, and the one
> after that...
> And don't forget, they still need to release V Gundam and Gundam X....
> Well, it wouldn't be funny to Zeta Gundam fans, heh!
> Jojo

I agree.

In terms of like, for US taste, I'd say they should release the V & X series.
Both of them tells of children being drawn on the front lines of the war... Lets
say Turn A is an add on too...

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