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> Actually, children are inherently drawn to "good versus evil" stories. There
> are many shows you can give to a kid where the lines between these two
> opposing forces are blurred, and they will turn it away, uninterested. This
> is the reason why people keep pumping these plots out. They sell, and this
> is not exactly a bad thing.
> It's obvious that life will eventually teach young people that there isn't
> really such a thing as "bad" and "good." However, watching shows with a
> strong moral sense can help them decide what doing the right thing is--no
> matter how futile the outcome may be. Naturally, parents should be the major
> factor in helping shape a child's personality and morality, not television.
> Moreover, "good versus bad" shows aren't so much meant to teach people as
> they are a means of catharsis. What person out there hasn't come home
> annoyed at some jerk at work or school and just want to watch something
> pure, something that makes one feel good about "beating" the bad guy. Of
> course, you shouldn't beat anyone up in real life, but stress can build up,
> and finding a means to relieve that stress is an excellent way of keeping
> your emotions and character in check. TV is not the only means of stress,
> relief--sports, weight-lifting, etc are also ways of easing tension.
> Jojo

Now that you've been talkin about good versus evil, can you give me some info?
I know that the SMoon series are horrible there... but what about the other
anime that's aired in US Television?

Like, Rurouni Kenshin, I know its been transformed for US audiences so how does
it fare in there?

I might be wrong about it being played on TV... well at least can you specify
what anime is currently playing on US television? I just wanna know the
situation of anime on the USA.

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