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I'm lumping these together, sorry if they get lost...

>> I totally agree. If parents to shelter their young
>> children from the 'horrors and violence' of the world,
>> then how do you expect them to function properly and
>> deal with serious issues in/out of school later in
>> their life? You can't.

    You must remember there's a fine line between sheltering and just
watching out... the bitch is deciding where it is.
>> Sure, parents can let their kids watch shows like
>> 'Sailor Moon' or 'Pokemon' where it tries to 'teach'
>> children to be good and kind and to fight 'evil'. But
>> who can grow up to be so naiive to think that the real
>> world out there is like that - go and true where
>> 'good' triumphs?
>Actually, children are inherently drawn to "good versus evil" stories. There
>are many shows you can give to a kid where the lines between these two
>opposing forces are blurred, and they will turn it away, uninterested. This
>is the reason why people keep pumping these plots out. They sell, and this
>is not exactly a bad thing.

True. Often-times 8 year olds or whatever can't appreciate the dichotomies
presented in such a series as Gundam. But when they turn 12 or 13 and
things get confusing, then it really strikes a chord.

>Moreover, "good versus bad" shows aren't so much meant to teach people as
>they are a means of catharsis.

Well, in a world of extremely convuloted entertainment (God, I couldn't
stand Eva at all and i've read Roots and loved it!), it's always
interesting to see a basic story with a strong "spine" (ie framework) that
doesn't want to snobbishly be "all things to all people" or have other such
pretentious and self-important goals. This is why Dogma sucked and Clerks

Hermann Hesse, writer of Steppenwolf and Damien, used to have a fascination
for fairy tales for some of the same reasons...

And to the gentleman who will be watching Gundam with his nephew, I'm
genuinely excited for the young man. I discovered Gundam 0083 at his age,
and damned if it didn't change my life. Hopefully it will set him on a
course of intrigue and interest with all the things that make Gundam,
VOTOMS (I'm one tape away from finishing the series...), Macross, and other
such "epics" so great.

On Gundam W? It's not my favorite series... in fact I want to make a
petition for them to translate zeta or the original series... but it's
going to be fun to come home from work and see it on the TV.


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