Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 13 Feb 2000 14:50:37 -0800

>I'm kinda getting hooked on those MS in Action "toys" (is that the right
>term ba or models?) from bandai...

More like action figures, due to the material used.

>I wouldn't say that they're much better than models, but hey, they seem to
>be MORE durable than models... para may pangtapat ako sa mga batang pinsan
>ko pag pumunta sila sa min AT HINDI na nila gagalawgawin yung mga models ko
>in display...

Yeah, they survive falls better than models, that's what action figures are
for. Little kids who like to throw things around and even step on them.
Unfortunately, they also share another action figure trait - looks great
in the package but not so great when you take it out and try to play with

>So, anybody here from the list bought one of those? Please give info out on
>their articulation, stand ability, DURABILITY and total judgment...

It varies, because Bandai seems to be experimenting with different joint
designs for each figure. Generally the ones with slightly better
articulation have a problem with loose joints/falling limbs, while the ones
that fix the problem with loose joints had to compromise articulation. A
good example is the Gundam (falling arms) versus the Gouf (tight joints but
VERY limited articulation).

Most figures stand well as long as you keep them in an upright, standing
pose. Their legs are not that articulated, so you can't do cool poses like
kneeing, etc. If you try a running pose, most of the figures will not be
able to stand.

They are certainly more durable than models as far as surviving falls and
other "kid hazards", but I have no idea how durable the actual joints are
because I don't play with them much (with limited articulation, there's not
much you can do with them anyway). Due to the lack of polycaps, if you
change the hands often or move the joints a lot, they may eventually wear out
faster than models that use polycap joints.

Overall I think they are good for display shelves where people can't get
close eough to see the details. Or as expendable toys that you don't care to

>Im much more interested on the Zaku, both S & J versions, then fair interest
>on the GunCannon, & Turn A... of all the MSIAs, they look the most good
>looking ones.

The Zaku IIs have a limited joint at the shoulder, which was very
disappointing because if you try to spread the arms horizontally it will
pop the whole arm out of the socket. So the arms are basically only good
for swinging forward and back, instead of extending sideways. They do come
with a lot of accessories, though.

The Turn A, as it turns out, was a better toy than the New Material Model
"Titanium chogokin" toy because it was actualy made to be played with,
unlike the expensive diecast toy, which tends to fall apart (hint: GLUE
the little piece that fixes the back shoulder armor in place. You will be
thankful that you did). But that's not saying much. It feels even more
flimsy than the other MSiA figures and is the one with the biggest standing/
balancing problem of all the MSiA figures released so far.


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