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> I totally agree. If parents to shelter their young
> children from the 'horrors and violence' of the world,
> then how do you expect them to function properly and
> deal with serious issues in/out of school later in
> their life? You can't.
> Sure, parents can let their kids watch shows like
> 'Sailor Moon' or 'Pokemon' where it tries to 'teach'
> children to be good and kind and to fight 'evil'. But
> who can grow up to be so naiive to think that the real
> world out there is like that - go and true where
> 'good' triumphs?

Actually, children are inherently drawn to "good versus evil" stories. There
are many shows you can give to a kid where the lines between these two
opposing forces are blurred, and they will turn it away, uninterested. This
is the reason why people keep pumping these plots out. They sell, and this
is not exactly a bad thing.

It's obvious that life will eventually teach young people that there isn't
really such a thing as "bad" and "good." However, watching shows with a
strong moral sense can help them decide what doing the right thing is--no
matter how futile the outcome may be. Naturally, parents should be the major
factor in helping shape a child's personality and morality, not television.

Moreover, "good versus bad" shows aren't so much meant to teach people as
they are a means of catharsis. What person out there hasn't come home
annoyed at some jerk at work or school and just want to watch something
pure, something that makes one feel good about "beating" the bad guy. Of
course, you shouldn't beat anyone up in real life, but stress can build up,
and finding a means to relieve that stress is an excellent way of keeping
your emotions and character in check. TV is not the only means of stress,
relief--sports, weight-lifting, etc are also ways of easing tension.


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