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Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> On Sat, 12 Feb 2000, Tomonaga wrote:
> > > Tet, care to do more translation?
> > Gashapon Duel SD Gundam
> Thanks a ton! Can always rely on old Tet. ^_^

You are welcome.

> > the HQ sheet and Catapult sheet on the 'map' (presumeably these sheets
> Catapult sheet? What about the longbows and horses?

It's 'catapult' as in the device used to launch MS/aircraft off ships. Only
comment on the webpage regarding the Catapult sheet is that you position it on
the game 'map' and that MS can be placed on top of it.

I assume there is more to it than just a decoration on the game 'map'. Perhaps
the catapult has to be joining the HQ sheet and that all MS must initially
launch from the HQ through the catapult one by one ?

> How much is this game and/or the pieces? Looks like they figured out it's
> more profitable to sell the individual game piece for 100-200 Yens each
> than to sell a whole game set with >20 pieces for 600 or 4800 Yens.

Judging by the 'quality' of the figure, and seeing that it is Gashapon. I
would say it's 100yen per figure. Because it is Gashapon, each
figure(including hex?) is sold in capsules from a vending machine at random.
So people who are planning to play this game properly would all end up having
multiple copies of the same figures in order to get all the available MS. So
in the end Bandai will sell a lot more figures than they would if they sold
them in sets.

But not knowing what you are going to get is part of the fun? of Gashapon.
It's annoying for people who are trying to complete a set though...when I was
a kid, I never managed to complete a capsule toy collection...there is always
one or two figures that you can never seem to get...and what's worse sometimes
you can see the one you want just sitting there inside the machine, and yet
you don't have enough money to buy every single one until the one you want
comes you go away and come back another time hoping that it is closer
to the opening but almost always it's gone or out of sight...

> BTW, someone wrote to me that a friend of a friend heard a rumour that a
> land-based GunSim is coming. Won't that be cool? Unless the rumour
> refers to Gundam Senki or Duel SD.

If it's the challenge of a simple gameplay versus a human opponent that you
are after, and not actually playing with figures, then you can always play the
versus mode in the PSX SD G Generation games. You can have up to four players,
all available MS, all available pilots, all available ships/aircraft, and play
on multi-level game boards in all scenarios.


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