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> I'm kinda getting hooked on those MS in Action
> "toys" (is that the right term ba or models?) from
> bandai... (snip) So, anybody here from the list
> bought one of those? Please give info out on their
> articulation, stand ability, DURABILITY and
> total judgment...

I guess you've missed/skipped many of the previous
posts here on MSiAs. Anyway, I am one of the sickos
who own every model of MSiAs. Heh heh! :)

Aaron gave a good review on MSiA just a week ago, and
I urge you to read this post first:

> Im much more interested on the Zaku, both S & J
> versions, then fair interest on the GunCannon, &
Turn > A... of all the MSIAs, they look the most good
> looking ones.

Generally MSiAs have above average quality, but if you
want good panel line & finishing, then RX-78 Gundam
and the Zakus (green and Char's) may disappoint you;
the ones that you are not so interested (e.g.
Guncannon, Gouf, Turn A, Zugock, etc) have the best
overall quality.

> The RX-78 parang may polio, the dom may bulate,

Sorry, can't help you here I don't understand Tagalog.

> and im much more hooked in the gouf custom than the
> original one...

Bandai seems inclined to make a complete run of 0079's
MS for MSiA first (w/ Turn A the lone exception so
far) before they considers MSs from the side stories.
But MSiAs sell well in many markets, so you'll never

> So which from the first five would u suggest I go
> for first?

Try RX-78 Gundam and the green MS-06F Zaku first to
see if you like them. If you do, then any other MSiAs
will not disappoint you.

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