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On Sat, 12 Feb 2000, Tomonaga wrote:
> > Tet, care to do more translation?
> Gashapon Duel SD Gundam

Thanks a ton! Can always rely on old Tet. ^_^

> the HQ sheet and Catapult sheet on the 'map' (presumeably these sheets

Catapult sheet? What about the longbows and horses?

> must each select a team of MS to be used in the game. A player can
> have any combination and any number of the available MS as long as the
> total sum of the figure's ratings do not exceed 15.

I like this rule, major improvement over GunSim.

> A good look at the various hexas should explain some of the uncertain
> aspects of this game.

Yeah right now it's a little confusing.

How much is this game and/or the pieces? Looks like they figured out it's
more profitable to sell the individual game piece for 100-200 Yens each
than to sell a whole game set with >20 pieces for 600 or 4800 Yens.

BTW, someone wrote to me that a friend of a friend heard a rumour that a
land-based GunSim is coming. Won't that be cool? Unless the rumour
refers to Gundam Senki or Duel SD.

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