Tomonaga (
Sun, 13 Feb 2000 18:56:14 +1300

After an exhaustive search and numerous setbacks I finally have all the
download items available for this game!

There are 8 items in total, I think I listed 6 in my original post:

1) Beam spray gun - standard GM beam weapon
2) High output generator - Gundam level performance boost
3) Prototype beam rifle - same as one used in stage 3 of the game
4) Lunar Titanium armour - Gundam level armour
5) Production beam rifle - similar to ones used by RX-78(G) in 08th MS
6) Photo 1
7) Photo 2
8) Photo 3

The photos 1-3 are Master P Rayer's personal photos which appear inside
the cockpit. Group of friends, family, and girl friend?

The VMU save can be downloaded from this site Alex Ann courtesy of
Isaac Chan.

One word of caution:
The file titled 'Gundam Side Story All download items' only contains the
beam spray gun. Bandai did something sneaky which has fooled everybody
and caused me a lot of problems. The rest of the items 2-8 are all saved
in the cleared game file. I would have never caught on to this fact had
Isaac Chan not included his cleared game file like many others and had I
not tried it out of desperation...

The download weapons and upgrades really transform the game and make
the GMs superior at last (or rather turn GMs into Gundams ?)

A Zaku that took 10+ Rocket launcher shots to destroy now can be
destroyed with two shots from a prototype beam rifle or 4-5 with a
production beam rifle. The beam spray gun falls somewhere between the
production beam rifle and the rocket launcher but has a much higher
firing rate than the other two, making it the most effective in real
use. Despite the limitations of the prototype laser rifle (6 shots, low
firing rate, very long charging time), there is no beating the
satisfaction of seeing a Zaku go down with two shots. : )


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