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>I totally agree. If parents to shelter their young
>children from the 'horrors and violence' of the world,
>then how do you expect them to function properly and
>deal with serious issues in/out of school later in
>their life? You can't.
 While I do AGREE with most of the statement you made, there are limits. I
 have two nephews, and with the older one, we'll be watching the midnight
 showing together. I am not sure the younger one is ready, and until he is a
 couple of years older, I'd prefer somethng like the 5 pm (He is just 5 years
 old). When he is seven or eight, then the uncut will be fine, it is the same
 way I wouldn't let the older one watch Hokuto No Ken, at least until his
 teen years. It is just curtosy, and I like the double version, it shows that
 you can have BOTH instead of the 80's dubs where watered down versions were
 forced on us, and the unedited were lost forever. >>

I agree with both of you. Children shouldn't be sheltered, but some things
are unsuitable for certain ages. Its good that two versions are being shown.

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