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Sat, 12 Feb 2000 09:24:36 -0800 (PST)

I totally agree. If parents to shelter their young
children from the 'horrors and violence' of the world,
then how do you expect them to function properly and
deal with serious issues in/out of school later in
their life? You can't.

Sure, parents can let their kids watch shows like
'Sailor Moon' or 'Pokemon' where it tries to 'teach'
children to be good and kind and to fight 'evil'. But
who can grow up to be so naiive to think that the real
world out there is like that - go and true where
'good' triumphs?

What parents should know is that their children can
learn about violence. If people are educated in
violence then violence is no threat or danger.
The issue should not be 'Will my child's mind be
warped by such a show?' but should focus on 'Does
this program demonstrate and teach the consequences of
'brutal violence?'.

Gundam W, I believe, will be quite a dissapointment
for 5 o'clock viewers. The true natures and actions of
the characters ( mainly the G boys) will be filtered
down to a low-grade show with 'housed' battle scenes
that don't really give viewers the feel of the
Gundam's power and abilty.

But what people can probably expect is how the
personalities of the Gundam pilots will be pretty
twisted. Duo will probably end up childish and
annoying , while Heero will just be horribly
insulting. Quatre, I don't think will change because
he's pretty much a laid back, optomistic kind of guy.
Wu Fei- I have a bad feeling about what he will turn
out to be.

Let's just be thankful that there will be uncut
versions at midnight!


--- wrote:
> In a message dated 2/4/00 1:23:50 AM Eastern
> Standard Time,
> writes:
> << See, this is where I disagree. Gundam Wing,
> despite the "Super Robot"
> feel many of us get when watching it, is all about
> plot twists and
> characters and how they interact with each other.
> The "mood" editing is
> going to completely destroy that. God, I wish
> American kids werent so
> F*cked up these days that they couldnt deal with
> some tasteful violence
> (yes, there is such a thing) and conflict in a TV
> show without it warping
> their little minds. >>
> Its not the kids, its the parents and adults.
> There's groups of parents
> that want to ban Looney Toons, Donald Duck, etc.,
> because they deem them "too
> violent". These parent groups would have very good
> time denouncing Gundam as
> violent "trash".
> Some parents shelter their kids from everything
> and teach them nothing of
> the real world, then expect them to function
> correctly in it, when their kid
> turns 18. There also seem to be the parents who are
> in these parent groups.
> If a parent tries their best to teach their kids
> about the real world, then
> the kid will most likely grow up the "correct" way.
> Sheltering a kid from the real world can be as bad
> not teaching them about
> the real world. But, something's you have to wait to
> a kids mature enough to
> handle these things, the maturity lever differs for
> each kid. A 5 year old
> doesn't need to watch Gundam, but a 12 year old is
> most likely old enough to
> watch some Gundam shows. I could be wrong, but an
> unedited Wing could be
> shown at 5 PM M-F, and would cause 12 year olds and
> up no problems. People
> like Grossman, parent groups, etc., would say
> otherwise. Gross is an ex US
> military official that calls computer and video
> games "Murder Simulators" I
> am not joking!
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