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Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> The game plot thickenth:
> Now there's this G-Duel game played with SD figures:

For some reason this reminds me of a guy I heard about that converted his
Warhammer 40k Space Marines to Hello Kitty Marines, using the heads from Hello
Kitty erasers. I guess it's that SD cute factor.

> >From the rules page, this is a hex-based game with some similarity to
> Gundam Simulation. It seems there's an orientation so there are
> limitation based on which way the piece is facing. Since the game pieces
> are kind of large, I would imagine the board to have more limited number
> of hexes.

A lot of games use the direction of the game piece in the rules, so that you can
only attack in certain fire arcs (Heavy Gear comes to mind). With games like
Warhmmer, without the hexes, it usually isn't stressed. Although it reminded me
of something I was thinking of earlier, assuming you get a ruleset that uses
hexes as a measure of distance and movement and you get big enough hexes, you
could do combat with 1/144 scale (or those smaller palm-top models), rather
harmlessly. Only problem is getting the hexes (printing out a whole bunch and
putting them on cardboard wouldn't be too hard) and getting the room. It would
however, make it much easier to game without having to use counters or smaller
scale models (and assuming you have a buncha 1/144 scale models laying around).
But I think a large Mobile Suit battle, taking place on the floor of a living
room would be very cool.

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