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> Also, can anyone tell me a list of what 1/550 MA model kits come with what 1/550
> scale MS models? I'd like to pick some up (HLJ has them cheap), but they don't
> have pictures of them, so I can't tell what comes with each MA.
> S

I posted this earlier with the Gundam Simulation posts...

- included with 1/550 MAX-03 Azzam 400yen (Also includes Masera Attack tank)
- included with 1/550 MAN-03 Braubro 700yen

Char's Gelgoog
- included with 1/550 MAN-08 Elmeth 300 yen

- included with 1/550 Medea Cargo plane 400yen

If you go down in scale to 1/1200 you can get a few more MS types but these are tiny:

1/1200 White Base 1000yen
includes Gun Perry Cargo plane, Gun Tank, Gun Cannon, Gundam

1/1200 Salamis Space cruiser 400yen
includes GM(x3) Ball(x3)

1/1200 Gau
includes Zaku(x2), Char's Zugock, Zugock

And if you go up to 1/250 scale you get...The 1998 Release of these diorama sets
includes the 1/550 kits of each MS as a bonus.

Ranba Ral set 700yen
Gouf, Zaku, GunTank

Jabrow set 700yen
Zaku, GM, Zugock

Texas Colony set 700yen
Gun Cannon, Gundam, Char's Gelgoog

A-Bao-A-Qu set 700yen
Zeong, Rick Dom, Gundam

And finally

1/144 RB-79 Ball 300yen
Includes a 1/250 Ball as well


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