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Well, probably this is nothing special for most of us but that song, Eien no
Tobira(Eternal Gate) is the ending theme of MS Dai 8 Shoutai the Movie:
Miller's Report. Personally, I think Chihiro-chan did such a great job
singing it but how do you guys thing? ^0^;; I also thought the lyric for
this song along with 10 Years After was quite artistic?

Perhaps I am the only one likes this song but by far, this is one of my
favorite Gundam themes, along with White Reflection by Two-Mix, Eternal Wind
from Gundam F91 ^^
Well I hope that helped~!!

Steiner Kye

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>--- Robert Ludvig <tameno@hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Anyone know which Gundam this song is from? The
>> site where I downloaded it said it was from 08th
>> MSTeam, but I wasnt sure even though the singer DOES
>> sound like the girl that sings the 08thMS Team Op
>> (cant remember her name though) If it is from
>> 08thMST, where was it used?
>Check out Newtype Asylum's music review on 'Eternal
>Door' (the proper translation of the song title), as
>well as other 08's single at:
>Hope this helps.
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