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Mark Simmons wrote:

> Sean O'Mara writes,
> > All this talk about tabletop
> > gaming might influence be to pull it out again, but I could never decide
> > whether or not to do a mobile suit creation system (like Mekton) or just make
> > up the stats.
> I'd suggest making up the base stats, but providing a mechanism for
> customizing mobile suits. There seem to be some pretty simple rules of thumb
> about how much different components weigh and how they affect the mobile
> suit's performance...

That'd probably work. I figure if I start with the Zaku I, work my way up with the
Zaku II, then the Fed's Mobile Suits, it'd be pretty easy to balance them out
along with some play testing. I was thinking of each Mobile Suit having a value
(Heavy Gear does this with Threat Values, Warhammer with just basic "Points"),
which would correspond to how much the Mobile Suit was worth. So if you have a set
game of 100 points, you can have any variety of Mobile Suits, with different
armaments, modifications, etc with a points value that adds up to 100 or less.
This would probably be the best way of balancing out the game, allowing for
powerful modifications, but not allowing forces to have tons of Uber-suits.

Also, can anyone tell me a list of what 1/550 MA model kits come with what 1/550
scale MS models? I'd like to pick some up (HLJ has them cheap), but they don't
have pictures of them, so I can't tell what comes with each MA.


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