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Eddie asks,

>> You do get writeups on a whole lot of mobile suits, including plenty of
>> MSV and MS-X ones,
> Any new/original material, or are they just rehashed stuff?

  It's pretty much the known set of classic, 0080, 0083, 08th MS Team, MSV,
and MS-X mobile suits - same ones you'll find in the MS Encyclopedia. They
did enough research to identify each mobile suit's wacky armament (e.g. the
Pezun Dowadge's beam bazooka, the Heavy Gundam's heavy launcher), but the
accompanying text descriptions are pretty perfunctory. Each writeup has a
little line art picture, some of which seem to have been scanned &

Sean O'Mara writes,

> I have yet to look at the rules of Gundam Simulation in depth (I've glanced
> over the webpage a couple of times)

  D'oh! I thought CT Chin meant "Gundam Senki," but that's not what he meant
by "GS," is it?

> All this talk about tabletop
> gaming might influence be to pull it out again, but I could never decide
> whether or not to do a mobile suit creation system (like Mekton) or just make
> up the stats.

  I'd suggest making up the base stats, but providing a mechanism for
customizing mobile suits. There seem to be some pretty simple rules of thumb
about how much different components weigh and how they affect the mobile
suit's performance...

-- Mark

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