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Mark Simmons wrote:

> CT Chin writes,
> > Criticized? Wonder what they'd say about GS's combat system.
> On the face of it, it looks more elaborate - tracking damage to each body
> part, rather than giving the whole mobile suit one block of hit points - but
> that doesn't necessarily mean it has more of the Gundamesque details we know
> and love. Actually, the best Gundam combat sim I've ever seen was a
> circa-1990 board game. But I have some ideas for my own Gundam game system,
> if I ever get around to it... :-)

I have yet to look at the rules of Gundam Simulation in depth (I've glanced
over the webpage a couple of times), but I personally prefer simple systems. I
worked out a rough system for a Gundam tabletop game (and put the basics on the
GML a year or so ago), it was pretty simple, a basic attribute (say piloting,
for an attacker), plus modifiers for the situation, weapon accuracy, skill of
pilot with the total being compared to another attribute (say manueverability)
plus modifiers, that's pretty much the jist of it. All this talk about tabletop
gaming might influence be to pull it out again, but I could never decide
whether or not to do a mobile suit creation system (like Mekton) or just make
up the stats.

> > I wonder then if Games Workshop (Warhammer), Gundam RPG and Mekton had
> > between themselves already taken up 95% of the tabletop games market.
> The tabletop games market in the US seems to be pretty much defunct - a
> casualty of video games and trading cards. You still see established product
> lines like Warhammer, D&D, Vampire, Battletech, et al selling to their loyal
> fans. But the only real PRG success story of the last half-decade was Heavy
> Gear, which moved quickly into other media like video games, miniatures, and
> now a TV show.

Well, I think D&D has at least 50% of the Role-Playing market, with Games
Workshop Games having a similar hold on the wargamming market. But the market
isn't growing very fast, although now that TSR (makers of D&D, and the Pokeman
card game) is owned by Hasbro, we might be seeing some mainstream market


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