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CT Chin writes,

> Criticized? Wonder what they'd say about GS's combat system.

  On the face of it, it looks more elaborate - tracking damage to each body
part, rather than giving the whole mobile suit one block of hit points - but
that doesn't necessarily mean it has more of the Gundamesque details we know
and love. Actually, the best Gundam combat sim I've ever seen was a
circa-1990 board game. But I have some ideas for my own Gundam game system,
if I ever get around to it... :-)

> I wonder then if Games Workshop (Warhammer), Gundam RPG and Mekton had
> between themselves already taken up 95% of the tabletop games market.

  The tabletop games market in the US seems to be pretty much defunct - a
casualty of video games and trading cards. You still see established product
lines like Warhammer, D&D, Vampire, Battletech, et al selling to their loyal
fans. But the only real PRG success story of the last half-decade was Heavy
Gear, which moved quickly into other media like video games, miniatures, and
now a TV show.

  As for the situation in Japan, I'll defer to knowledgeable observers...

> BTW, had anyone played that Garasaki game promoted in a flyer that comes
> with the Bandai kits? What's it like?

  Mission Director? I think it's a card-based game, akin to Magic the
Gathering, Pokemon, et al... but I think there's a game board or map
involved as well.

> Really? I was guessing that Amuro trashed at least one MS per episode
> (that's 43 to start with), and then at least 5 per episode near the end...

  Actually, he's quite the killing machine during his stint on Earth,
especially in North America. The Gundam Senki rulebook does do a nice job of
tallying all the waves of planes & tanks Garma sends after the White Base,
typically comprising dozens of conventional vehicles and a few mobile suits.
Since the Guncannon and Guntank are pretty wimpy at this point, Amuro gets
to do most of the killin'.

  On the other hand, during the large battles of the latter half of the
series, we mostly see Amuro preoccupied with pesky foes - the Black Trinary
at Odessa, Char at Jaburo and A Bao A Qu, the Big Zam at Solomon. Not to
mention that they spend a lot of screen time showing the general course of
the battle, rather than focusing exclusively on Amuro and friends. It's
almost certain that Amuro is doing a lot of damage off-camera and between
scenes, but we can only tally what we see on the screen. The undocumented
events of mass battle would probably add at least a couple of dozen more to
his score...

-- Mark

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