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Mark Simmons wrote:
> In general, pen-and-paper RPGs are exercises in collaborative
> storytelling. One player gets to be the referee - setting up the plot,

Thanks to Mark and Sean. I think that's all I need to know about Mekton
and D&D. ^_^;

> > How does the Gundam RPG work? Pretty similar to Mekton? Is it
> charecters and story, with a fairly lightweight combat system. I recall it's
> been criticized for its relatively simple combat mechanics...

Criticized? Wonder what they'd say about GS's combat system.

I wonder then if Games Workshop (Warhammer), Gundam RPG and Mekton had
between themselves already taken up 95% of the tabletop games market.
These are all a bit too hardcore for the casual gamers like me. I guess
simpler games like GS, with their minimal merchandise potential, are
pretty much dead.

BTW, had anyone played that Garasaki game promoted in a flyer that comes
with the Bandai kits? What's it like?

> I don't have their tally handy right now, but referring to the Amuro pilot
> profile I did for the Gundam Project, I counted "at least 60 enemy mobile
> suits, 35 fighters, seven mobile armors, and seven capital ships". That's
> about what the Gundam Senki staff came up with, plus tanks (which I didn't

Really? I was guessing that Amuro trashed at least one MS per episode
(that's 43 to start with), and then at least 5 per episode near the end...
And for MA's, I mistakenly counted Zeong as an MA ^_^;

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