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Sunwook Kim wonders,

> 1) Does anyone have the third book of Dengeki Entertainment Bible series,
> titled 'Kidoubutoden G-Gundam Big Picture Book'?

  Nope, and man am I kicking myself now. :-)

> What I want to know exactly is, what did the Shindosha writers say about
> all that funky technology and society of Future Century universe featured
> in G-Gundam, in its OFFICIAL REPORT and MS DEVELOPMENT HISTORY sections?
> Just some kind of weird speculations and cooked-up stuffs by themselves,
> (like Rapport Deluxe series did) or more decent and reliable explanation
> probably distributed by series creators? (like V-Gundam Dengeki EB did :)

  Actually, I suspect that Shindosha made up the material in the other EB
books themselves as well - they wrote all the Gundam Entertainment Bibles
except the two character books and the infamous EB 39 (which were penned by
Studio Hard), as well as the first few Data Collection books. Their track
record is so excellent that I have to suspect that it's their own creativity
and intelligence that's responsible.

  You can probably get a sense of the Shindosha take on G Gundam from the
essays in the MS SAGA comic anthology... I _think_ Shindosha wrote these as

> 2) Does anyone buy the 'Victory Gundam Data Collection' published by Media
> Works? I wonder how it is different from its 2-part Dengeki EB counterpart.
> Did they add any new material (like Gundam F91 Data Collection did), or
> just repeat the old stuffs again and again? Please tell me if you can.

  Nope, it's pretty much a rehash of the EB editions - whole chunks of text
are repeated verbatim, but the overall content is less than that of the
two-volume original. Since Shindosha's stopped working on the Data
Collection books, we're not really getting any original content from the

> 3) Do you collect Model Graphix? If you do, could you tell me which issue
> featured the articles like [1] 'Around the Zeta Plus World'(multi-parter),
> [2] 'Gundam Sentinel 0079' and [3] the history of Sentinel's Core Fighter
> variation (whose title I don't know exactly)?

  I have a few back issues at home - I'll look these up for you later. The
two-part Sentinel 0079 series is a real prize - not only do you get Katoki's
versions of the GM, Zaku II, and Ball (which were re-used almost without
modification in 0083 and 08th MS Team), but also the Katoki versions of the
Big Zam, Gundam, Gattle, Public, et cetera. If you were to own only two back
issues of Model Graphix, it should be these two!

> 4) Why no ZZ-related reprints or memorial publication?

  Well, they did do a ZZ Data Collection book. That's pretty much it,
though. But I can't blame people if they want to sweep that series under the
rug. ;-)

-- Mark

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