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Just some questions about Gundam related books. (kinda reposting, if
you excuse me... but I can't help it, for the original post failed to
get the attention. ;-)

1) Does anyone have the third book of Dengeki Entertainment Bible series,
   titled 'Kidoubutoden G-Gundam Big Picture Book'? I've been trying to
   get a copy for several years, but this one is long out of print. What
   I want to know exactly is, what did the Shindosha writers say about
   all that funky technology and society of Future Century universe featured
   in G-Gundam, in its OFFICIAL REPORT and MS DEVELOPMENT HISTORY sections?
   Just some kind of weird speculations and cooked-up stuffs by themselves,
   (like Rapport Deluxe series did) or more decent and reliable explanation
   probably distributed by series creators? (like V-Gundam Dengeki EB did :)

2) Does anyone buy the 'Victory Gundam Data Collection' published by Media
   Works? I wonder how it is different from its 2-part Dengeki EB counterpart.
   Did they add any new material (like Gundam F91 Data Collection did), or
   just repeat the old stuffs again and again? Please tell me if you can.

3) Do you collect Model Graphix? If you do, could you tell me which issue
   featured the articles like [1] 'Around the Zeta Plus World'(multi-parter),
   [2] 'Gundam Sentinel 0079' and [3] the history of Sentinel's Core Fighter
   variation (whose title I don't know exactly)? [1] was mentioned by Eiji
   Hayashi and Mark Simmons in an old thread 'Pseudo Gundams', and [3] was
   mentioned in an old post by Mark Simmons 3 years ago or so. I heard about
   [2] in personal conversation with my modeler friends one day. I myself
   don't build the model kits, but am interested in collecting and analysing
   the undocumented side story materials from the 80's, so if someone tell
   me which issue featured them, it would be very helpful for me to try
   borrowing the issues from a friend of mine who's collecting the magazines.
   (photocopy, ahoy! :-)

4) Why no ZZ-related reprints or memorial publication? Kadokawa reprinted
   all their 80's Gundam-titled 100% Collection except for the ZZ issue,
   and they even reprinted the F91 one, but no ZZ. Asahiya seems to have no
   plan to produce the ZZ counterpart for their 2-part ZETA GUNDAM FILM BOOK
   and of course, those legendary ANIMEDIA SPECIAL ISSUE : GUNDAM ZZ PART 1
   & 2 is long out of print and Gakken has no time for reprinting them, it
   seems! (thanks to some unbelievable miracle, I receltly got the part 2

   What do you think about it? (Mark? Dyar? Eddie? anyone? :-)

܆+ޱjya uz(

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