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>> I was under the impression that the Titans also had a stronghold at
>> Kilimanjaro in east Africa.
>> Most of my references are packed up pending the move to Portland OR, now
>> set for 29 February, but as I recall the Titans were based (or, at least,
>> had a strong presence) in Granada on the Moon, Luna 2 and Gryps in Side 7
>> (L3), Kompeitoh (formerly Solomon) in Side 1 (L5), Zedan's Gate (formerly
>> A'Bao'A'Qu) in Side 3 (L2), Pezun in Side 2 (L4), Papua in New Guinea,
>> Kilimanjaro in Africa and Jaburo in South America.
>Really? From the anime, I thought Granada was a hotbed for anti-Titan
>movement. And consider how much supplies and equipments Agahma picked up
>from Granada in the first half of the show, I would have peg Granada as a
>AEUG near-stronghold.

As noted above, most if not all of my references are packed. But in
Tomino's Gundam, the Moon has always played both ends against the middle,
which is how we get Anaheim Electronics selling to anyone and
everyone. Even non-Tomino Gundam 0083 has Kou Uraki getting beaten up by
local boys in Von Braun City, the bastion of Federation presence on the Moon.

As with Side 6, the Moon is neutral territory where one side or the other
may have the majority of the population in thrall, but always with a lot of
local antipathy and the resulting intrigue. I would say that Granada is
more likely a hotbed of smuggling and black marketeering than anti-Titan
activity per se.


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